'Lasting Love' 80cm Standard Rose (Grade 2)

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Large, high-centred, solitary dark red blooms. Strong fruity fragrance. Glossy, dark green foliage. Bushy, upright habit. NZPVR

Category: Hybrid Tea rose
Growth habit: Bushy, compact, upright
Height: 80cm Standard
Flower type: Large, very double, dark red
Fragrance: Strong, fruity, rose
Other names:  Commandant Cousteau, Grand Huit, ADHarman

Please note that this is a lighter or second grade standard rose. These are roses that have not yet achieved optimum size or shape in the nursery. This is due to various circumstances such as: being shaded by more rapidly growing plants, seasonal factors and rose variety characteristics. They usually rapidly catch up to first grade roses and are a popular bargain with many happy customers.