'Absolutely Fabulous' Bush Rose (Grade 2)

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Large clusters of repeat flowering, butter yellow blooms with an unusual myrrh scent. This award winning rose is very healthy and free flowering. An ideal specimen for the garden or for growing in a pot where space is limited. If blooms are cut they last well within an arrangement. NZPVR

Category: Floribunda rose
Growth habit: Upright
Mature height & width: 80cm x 60cm
Flower type: Medium, double, butter-yellow
Fragrance: Strong, myrrh, liquorice, anise
Other names: Anisade, Soul Mate, Julia Child, WEKvossutono
Awards: NZ Gold Star of the South Pacific 2011, Gold Standard Award - Rose Of The Year 2010, All-America Rose Selection 2006
Please note that this is a lighter or second grade rose bush. These are roses that have not yet achieved optimum size or shape in the nursery. This is due to various circumstances such as: being shaded by more rapidly growing plants, seasonal factors and rose variety characteristics. They usually rapidly catch up to first grade roses and are a popular bargain with many happy customers.