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Roses have played a key part in our culture for the past millennia, so it is no surprise that certain varieties hold a special place in people’s hearts and continue to sell year after year. The roses listed below are popular for a number of reasons, reasons which range from their exquisite beauty, spectacular colouring and delicious fragrances to their health and reliability right through to the name of the rose itself.

Climber & Rambler Roses

Rose Climbers can be used in a multitude of situations, from covering a wall to arching over an arbor, while giving a mass of colour.

Climbers come in three sizes:
Ramblers are capable of quick strong growth, covering a considerable area in a relatively short period of time. Many Rose Ramblers are only flush flowering in Spring and early Summer, with limited flowering in the Autumn; the cooler climate, the more Autumn flower. A most attractive display may be obtained by planting a rambler at the centre of a large circular bed, with shoots set out in a circular fashion by pegging down the canes to the soil. Growth between 4 to 6 metres or above.

Climbers are ideally suited to planting against a wall or fence as well as over large arches. Many are climbing sports of well known hybrid or floribuna varieties. They will benefit from tying canes to encourage lateral growth, resulting in more flower production. Once established, most climbers will flower prolifically throughout the
seasons Spring to Autumn. Growth between 2 to 4 metres on average.

Below are links to our most popular Climber & Rambler roses:

All My Love - Clusters of large, classically shaped soft pink, sweetly fragrant blooms. Compact climbing growth suited to smaller spaces. PVR

Dublin Bay - A popular red vigorous prolific flowerer. Oval buds open to intensely bright, fragrant red blooms.

Falstaff - Large, rich dark-crimson blooms with a strong Old Rose fragrance. Very healthy. Short to medium climber or large shrub rose. PVR

Compassion - Beautiful shaped blooms are a soft rosy pink, shaded apricot. Repeat flowers over a long period through the summer and autumn. A vigorous healthy climber.

Westerland - Sweetly scented double blooms of bronze to Salmon-apricot. Vigorous upright growth.

Floribunda Roses

Floribunda or Cluster Flower Roses give a mass of colour over a long period. The flowers are produced in large clusters on short stems.

The general growth habit for most Floribunda Roses is a dome shape, averaging 1.2m. However, some varieties are upright in growth with heights ranging from low growing varieties (50cm) to those which reach more than 1.5m in height. Please check the descriptions of individual varieties.

Well suited to forming attractive borders and hedges, and in pots, excellent for planting en masse.

Below are links to our most popular Floribunda Roses:

Iceberg - Stunning white double blooms, are produced in clusters repeatedly by this popular rose. Mildy fragrant.

Freisia - Compact bush with upright growth, bearing masses of large, double, very fragrant deep yellow blooms.

Wild Cherry - Masses of cherry red blooms on a healthy free flowering bush. Stunning in a floral arrangement. PVR

Absolutely Fabulous - Butter gold blooms with an appealing old fashioned form and strong fragrance. Lovely high health compact bush. PVR

Hybrid Teas Roses

With literally 1000s of varieties of Hybrid Tea Roses they are the most popular rose bush available. Also known as ‘Modern Large Roses’ they have large flowers, come in a huge range of colours.

These roses are a cross between Hybrid Perpetual Roses, and Tea Roses. The original crosses were made to obtain the ‘best of both types of roses’. Bred for fantastic flowers and hardiness. Hybrid Tea roses are the roses of commerce, used widely for commercial cut flowers.

Below are links to our most popular Hybrid Tea Roses:

Loving Memory - Large, perfectly - shaped blooms of crimson to scarlet-red on a strong upright bush. Slightly fragrant.

Love Me Do - One of my favorites. Outstanding rose with medium sized, ivory-cream coloured flowers the open to warm peachy centres. Outstanding fragrance and a wonderful healthy glossy green medium sized bush. PVR

Blackberry Nip - Shapely deep purple blooms on long stems. An ideal home gardener's picking rose. PVR

Just Joey - Clusters of large, extremely fragrant flowers are borne on a medium sized slightly spreading bush.


Old Fashioned & Shrub Roses

Old Fashion Roses have historical significance, and play an important part in the garden, it may be an attempt to recreate an older garden true to its original style, to preserve the genetic line for rose breeding, or simply to enjoy the beauty of some of the more significant roses in history.

Perhaps best described as roses that are from the 19th C or earlier, Old Fashion Roses have one or more of the qualities listed below. They have strong genetic lines that are of value to rose breeders and historic significance.

Below are links to our most popular Old Fashioned Roses:

Sally Holmes - Large single blooms of soft white tinged pink with golden stamens. Free flowering on large trusses. Dense bush up to approx. 2m tall.

Mutabilis - Large spreading bush with masses of open, single blooms which open yellow, turn pink and then crimson, with the dramatic effect of all three colours on the bush at once. Long flowering season.

Scentasia - Attractive sprays of creamy flowers with yellow centres. Well scented. Medium . PVR

David Austin English Roses

David Austin has spent the last sixty years developing his award-winning English Roses. Combining the delicate charm and wonderful fragrances of the Old Roses with the wider colour range and repeat-flowering nature of modern roses, they are hard to beat for sheer exuberance of flower and scent.

As a group they are renowned for their outstanding health, reliability and vigour. Their graceful, shrubby habits or graceful long arching stems covered with blooms make them ideal for mixed borders, planting in large containers or for creating any kind of rose garden. Many varieties can also be trained as climbers or used to create fragrant, floriferous hedges.

Below are links to our most popular David Austin English Roses:

Austin English Rose - this is a selection of David Austin English Roses.

Graham Thomas - Medium sized, cupped flowers are a rich, pure yellow with a pleasant tea rose fragrance. A bushy disease resistant rose that can be used as a short climber. Voted the World's Favourite Rose

Jubilee Celebration - Magnificent flowers of rich salmon- pink. Extremely healthy and very free flowering. Strong fruity fragrance. Medium sized rounded shrub. PVR

Summer Song - Another of my favorites. Unusual burnt orange coloured blooms, with shades of apricot and yellow. Strong mixed fruity fragrance. Medium tall to bushy shrub. PVR

Mary Rose - Attractive, loose petalled, rose-pink flowers with a strong and delicious Old Rose fragrance. Extremely tough and reliable. Copy right applies

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