Standard 80cm Roses - Grade 2

Standard Roses (also referred to as Stem Roses), are a variation of the normal bush rose grafted at a height of 80cm (or 800mm). They can create a formal appearance if planted in a row or as a feature in garden beds. They can also be grown in large tubs on the veranda. The head of the standard can vary in shape, Hybrid Teas will grow in a V shape, Floribundas in general keep to a rounder shape. David Austins can also vary with each variety. It is important to secure them to a sturdy stake to prevent breakage in high wind.

Walkers Nurseries prides itself for producing high quality first grade roses for its customers. However sometimes there are roses that don't quite hit the first grade mark and hence need to sold as a lighter or second grade rose. In all reality these roses simply need a season before they catch up, all the while being significantly cheaper in the first place!

In the unlikely event that your rose does not perform to your expectations in 2-3 months’ time, then we'll be happy to arrange for a replacement or credit.