Climber & Rambler Roses

Rose Climbers can be used in a multitude of situations, from covering a wall to arching over an arbor, while giving a mass of colour.

Ramblers are capable of quick strong growth, covering a considerable area in a relatively short period of time. Many Rose Ramblers are only flush flowering in Spring and early Summer, with limited flowering in the Autumn; the cooler climate, the more Autumn flower. A most attractive display may be obtained by planting a rambler at the centre of a large circular bed, with shoots set out in a circular fashion by pegging down the canes to the soil. Growth between 4 to 6 metres or above.

Climbers are ideally suited to planting against a wall or fence as well as over large arches. Many are climbing sports of well known hybrid or floribunda varieties. They will benefit from tying canes to encourage lateral growth, resulting in more flower production. Once established, most climbers will flower prolifically throughout the seasons Spring to Autumn. Growth between 2 to 4 metres on average.